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Sacred Grove & Prayer Rock

For those willing to spend moments of silent prayer and meditation, the center has a sacred grove  (அருள் காவு) too. It was dedicated in 2013 commemorating 50 years of St. Vincent Pallotti's sainthood.  At the center there is a prayer rock surrounded by a prayer path  for  meditative walks. On the west side there  is a Marian Cave with a statue of Jesus' Mother presented in the Tamil religious tradition.  In front of the cave there is space for cave communion formed of numerous stones for seating.  At the entrance of sacred grove there is  a row of steps leading to the place for group mass/prayer.  Close by there is a model Jain Monk's bed where one could lie down to experience the tranquility enjoyed by the renowned world renouncer and the healing power of the rock .   The peak of the Prayer Rock could be reached by climbing the narrow winding steps, where one could spend time with God just as Jesus did on Mount Tabor. The entire sacred grove is covered by a lot of trees, providing a serene atmosphere. 

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