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Pillar Campus

Pillar Campus is set on an idyllic environment. The green surroundings will rejuvenate your mind and body. For sports lovers, we have an excellent basketball court and wide open spaces for jogging and walking.

For those seeking inward journey and God’s presence, there is a Chapel and a Meditation Pavilion with a gurgling fountain for company in a serene atmosphere.​

And for our inquisitive guests, we have some interesting places to explore on the sprawling campus. Strap on your boots and walk some 200 meters to the west and you'll reach a small hillock where you’ll find the Sacred Grove. Go around the hillock on the prayer path for the Marian Cave with an open air communion place. The spirited ones can climb the sturdy stairs to the summit, the Prayer Rock, with viewing benches carved on the rock. Though it is not for the weak-kneed and those with fear of heights, for the able-bodied, the climb will give a reward of a sweeping view of the countryside.

Nestled amid hillocks and the Nagamalai mountain range, our campus is awash with greenery. Within walk-able distance are Jain caves, stone beds, bas-reliefs, Brahmi Tamil inscriptions, sculptures and water springs of Jain monks. Some of them date back to 300 B.C.​

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