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Meditation Hall

The stony and meditative hills surrounding the PILLAR Campus are sacred.  They were home to hundreds of Jain monks since 300 BC.  Leading an austere and ascetic life, the monks lived in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.   Defying caste discrimination, they served the common folk providing education and medicine.  With the rise of  Bhakti Movement, they became victims of brutal persecution culminating in their impalement, 'Kazhuvaetram'.  Eight thousand monks living in the various hills of Madurai were mercilessly killed.  Jainism, thus, disappeared from Nagamalai.  Today we have only some remnants of their once superior culture and spiritual past such as cave dwellings, stone beds, images, springs, footprints, Tamil Brahmi and Vatteluthu inscriptions.  This meditation hall, set in this backdrop, vibrates their spiritual legacy.

The single stone placed in the middle of the Meditation Hall in the erect position symbolizes God, who is powerful and eternally loving; a rock of refuge and strength for all who seek Him.  The spring splashing through the rock stands for the life-giving eternal spring (God) found in the depth of every human being, which is accessible in silence and meditation.

This sacred hall, designed by Y R Ramnath provides an atmosphere of peace and serenity required to find God in oneself.  Those touched by God are bound to change.  They become lovers of humanity.  Believers of all faiths and people of goodwill are welcome to experience the life-giving love and joy of God in this sacred space.

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