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Tamilology Institute
 Lecture Series

Tamilology Institute at Pillar holds   a series of lectures  on important themes touching the lives of Tamils throughout the year.

Lecture 01: Tamil Medicine by Dr. Narendran on 09-09-2018

Prof. Dr. Narendran in his lecture highlighted the traditional medical practices of Tamils such as the many methods of healing diseases, medical information retrieved from Sangam Literature and Thirukural, medicine and medical practices of Barbers and care of the  wounded during war. The lecture is available in the web channel Tamil Niram.

Lecture 02: Hill, Rain, Men: Lessons from Kerala Flood Disaster by Osai Kalidasan on 07-10-2018

The well-known environmental activist in his lecture highlighted the gradual destruction of western ghats - quarrying, deforestation,  resorts, killing of animals, etc., - which is the prime cause for the recent devastating flood in Kerala. He explained the  delicate formation of  western ghats and its unique method of preserving rain  water and releasing it to streams and rivers. It is also home to thousands of animals and birds, that are found only here.  The lecture is available in the web channel Tamil Niram.

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