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Tamilolgy Institute
Youth Empowerment Seminar Series
Seminar 1 - Self Development - Affective Maturity

On 14 September 2019 a day seminar for college students was held at PILLAR.  69 students from Meenakshi College, Arul Anandar College, Institute of Cooperative Management, Fatima Micheal College of Engineering, Ayya Nadar Janakiammal college (Sivakasi) and  Gandhigram Rural Institute  participated in it.

The morning sessions dealt with  the theme of Affective Maturity which had two lectures, one by  Dr. Joseph Devadasan on emotional intelligence and the other by Dr. Paul Pragash on stress management. The afternoon sessions dealt with two outstanding historical persons, one ancient and another modern, namely,  Manimegalai and Mother Teresa.  Dr. Anand Amaladass critically evaluated the challenging life of  Manimegalai in her times and Dr. S. Emmanuel on the personality of Mother Teresa who dared to love whom the society pushed  to periphery.